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AICA is the undisputed leader in Tyrone chiropractic care. If you have recently been involved in an automobile accident and are wondering where to turn, then turn to AICA. We have successfully treated several hundred Tyrone area car accident victims, and would love to help you. At AICA we provide our patients with chiropractic, orthopedic and physiotherapy treatments that work! We understand how difficult the recovery process can be following a car wreck, and we are committed to helping Tyrone accident victims get back on their feet again. Call today to find out why so many others have chosen AICA as their car accident chiropractor.

MRI Technology Helps

MRI Technology is one of the most helpful tools in the proper treatment of auto injury patients. At AICA we utilize MRIs for car accident victims because it drastically enhances our ability to accurately diagnose and treat the victim. The reason an MRI is so useful after a car wreck is because it has the ability to diagnose soft tissue injuries. Damage to the soft tissue is actually the most likely injury to be sustained in an accident. Simply having a standard X-ray or physical exam will not be sufficient because these tools do not offer the capability of diagnosing soft tissue injuries. If a motor vehicle accident victim does not receive a full diagnosis then that person cannot receive full treatment. At AICA we want to make sure this doesn’t happen to you. If you were in an accident then let AICA make sure that you make a full recovery by getting full treatments!

Tyrone Car Accident – May 2012

In May of 2012, a fiery crash left one Tyrone man severely injured. Todd Stevenson, age 30, of Tyrone, GA was driving his Chevy Corvette at a high speed when he swerved to avoid hitting two other vehicles that were traveling much more slowly. This action resulted in the Tyrone man going off the road and losing control of his vehicle, reports The Citizen. The Corvette ended up colliding with a telephone pole and then suddenly burst into flames, trapping it’s Tyrone driver inside. The driver had to be removed from the car by emergency crews and was sent to Grady Hospital with extensive thermal and traumatic injuries.

This car accident had devastating effects on one Tyrone man’s life, and serves as an excellent reminder to always observe the speed limit. Additionally, it is fortunate that Stevenson received prompt medical care following his motor vehicle accident. Anyone involved in a car accident needs to receive a thorough exam by a trusted physician to rule out any possible injuries. Did you know that if you’ve been in a serious Tyrone car accident you may also find yourself in need of an experienced attorney? At AICA we work the best car accident lawyers in Tyrone and we’re happy to help our auto-injury patients get connected with the attorney that will be right for their case. If you’ve been in a Tyrone car wreck then come to AICA to get the care and treatment you need!

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