Patients that experience some form of pain in their elbow tend to seek Chiropractic treatment because of how safe and effective therapy is for the healing process.

Chiropractic techniques not only tend to relieve pain, but also focus on addressing the structural components that are associated with the primary condition.


Your elbow serves as a ball-and-socket joint that connects your bones in a cup shape. It aligns around a slippery, gelatinous sac, which is why you are able to move your arm in more than one direction.

Your elbow is comprised of three bones that are called:

These three bones allow you to move your elbow joint in two unique ways, either to flex or to extend.

Because of the complexity of how your ligaments, bones and muscles connect in your arm, as well as your elbow’s ability to absorb the impact of everyday movements, the joints in this area are prone to irritation and inflammation, which serve as the two most common sources of elbow pain.

The root of these conditions is commonly associated with some combination of overuse and heavy exertion, genetics, infection, and/or some type of degenerative disease.


Elbow pain is most commonly found in a patient’s dominant arm. Some of the most common causes of pain include, but are not limited to:


Patients tend to first experience Tennis Elbow as a form of pain or soreness that is felt on the exterior side of the elbow.

A form of tendonitis, it is caused by damage to the muscles and tendons connecting the forearm muscles to the elbow joint. It comprises of the muscles and tendons that connect to the bony spur on the exterior portion of the elbow, which is called the lateral epicondyle.

This damage is more commonly caused by overuse of the joint, particularly through repetitive motions.

Those who are most at risk for developing Tennis Elbow tend to participate in the following exercises or activities:



While similar to Tennis Elbow, however, instead of the outside or back or the elbow being affected, it’s the area inside of it.

Patients that suffer from Golfer’s Elbow may experience a sensation that shoots pain down the inside of their forearm, as they’re trying to grip something.

It tends to be be caused by a single violent jolt, but can also result from repetitive stress, in which pain develops gradually over time as the repetitive motions continue to take place and the condition goes untreated.


Olecranon Bursitis is caused when the bursa in your elbow joint is either injured, irritated, or inflamed.

There are several reasons why elbow bursitis appears in patients:

Found in the tip of your elbow, between your bones and the loose skin surrounding the area, its primary function is dedicated to to allowing your skin to move ly over the elbow.

While it’s usually flat, it does become inflamed when irritated or injured.


Whether you’re suffering from Tennis Elbow or some form of inflammation, there are a number of Chiropractic techniques your doctor can recommend, once they have performed a thorough evaluation of your unique condition.

Treatments that may be indicated for pain relief include:



If you are suffering from elbow pain or an associated condition, leaving it untreated will cause your pain to continue and might lead to long-term consequences.

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