In a car accident you plant your feet instinctively on the floor to brace for impact. This leads to ankle injuries from the extreme forces transferred from the floor to your ankle during the wreck. These injuries are made worse by the fact that the lower portion of your body is not protected by seatbelts and multiple air bags like other parts of your body.A broken ankle can prevent you from doing everyday tasks. Specialized broken ankle treatment will allow you to recover and walk again.

Ankle Bones That Can Break After a Car Accident

There are three bones that form your ankle. Each one can break in a car accident. These are the tibia, fibula and talus.The tibia, otherwise known as the shinbone, is in the main bone of the lower leg and makes up the medial or inside anklebone. Next, parallel to this bone and making up the other portion of the lower leg, is the fibula. It is the smaller of the two bones. Third, is the talus or anklebone that is underneath the first two bones.You might have sustained a broken ankle after a car accident if there is:

Diagnosing Ankle Injuries After a Car Accident

A bad sprain will sometimes mask the symptoms of a broken ankle. Therefore, an x-ray is an important first step in our diagnosis. The initial X-ray may tell us all we need to know.However, many times locating hard to find breaks like hairline fractures requires our state of the art CT scans and MRI’s. Extensive follow-up involves more imaging to make sure everything is healing correctly and bones are in place.

Where Should I Get Treatment for an Ankle Injury After a Car Accident?

At AICA Ortho & Spine, we want you to return to the quality of life you had before your car accident. Our orthopedic specialists are experts in diagnosing and treating your ankle injury in order to make that happen as soon as possible.Even when your bones have healed we don’t stop providing high quality care. Just because your bones have healed, doesn’t mean that your strength is back. Our physical therapists will work with you to make sure you get back the full range of motion you had before your car accident.

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