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There’s a four letter word you need to know when you’re thinking of what to do about workers’ compensation in Kennesaw:


If you’re getting buried by worries of how to care for yourself and your family after an accident, we’ve got the dozer to dig you out. We’re more than medical help. We’re a comprehensive injury network designed to bring you chiropractic, orthopedic and neurological services that work, as well as physical and therapy that helps you heal after an injury. Whether you have an old problem now set off by repetitive labor or a fresh trauma, we have the medical help that will bring you the quality of life you need to get back to work.

That’s not all.Work Related Injury | AICA Kennesaw

We also help you recover what you’ve lost by submitting your medical records to the appropriate legal channels. If you think you need a lawyer, or have retained one, our experienced medical injury advocates can help you decide the best course of action for you now. When you come to AICA, your attorney will never have to wonder how to retrieve your records, because we send them everything you’ll need to maximize the chance of winning your case.

To help with that, we offer you a X-ray if medically necessary. Not only will it help us treat you, but clearly display the full extent of your injuries, which is something you may need to prove that you’ve suffered damage.

If you’re feeling pain in the soft tissue of your body that isn’t visible or reflected in an X-ray, we can also get you an MRI. This isn’t something you’ll find at every clinic, but it’s a standard feature of our powerful AICA network. The MRI will scan your affected areas for 15 to 60 minutes, and deliver a state of the art 3D image that allows your doctor to digitally inspect any cross-section of your body in full color. MRI’s can be used on practically any part of your body, and are painless and easy. There may be options for both closed and open MRI, the latter of which allows you to speak with people at your side during the scan.

To receive workers’ compensation, your new job is to prove that the injury you’ve sustained happened on the job. That has a lot of interpretations, some of which depend on the state where you live. However, here are some guidelines:

When you’re working or adhering to a work related activity, you’ll probably be covered. This can work for you or against you depending on where you found yourself at the time of your accident.

A lunch break off company property leaves you without coverage. But if you were on company property, you should be covered.
Your daily commute isn’t covered. However, if you were on the way to a client meeting that was part of your job to attend – that should be covered.

If you had a self inflicted injury, that isn’t covered. But if you were injured even while breaking company rules, you should still be covered much to the anger of your employer.

Additionally, you get coverage from these situations:

The goal of practically all workers’ compensation is to allow you the space to recover so you can return to your work. While we take pride in our ability to help you decipher the legal possibilities facing you when it comes to workers’ compensation, our first priority is giving you the treatment that you need most, which will help you return to the work you do best.

So when you’re thinking about how to treat your injury, and how that and your time off may be covered by workers’ compensation, your first call needs to be to AICA Kennesaw. We’re here 24/7, which means you can reach our doctors and workers’ compensation experts right now.

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