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AICA is setting the standard of quality auto-accident chiropractic care in Lovejoy, Ga! At AICA we provide our Lovejoy auto injury patients with effective, individualized treatment plans. We utilize chiropractic and orthopedic treatments, as well as physiotherapy. We make it our goal to get each patient back to life as they knew it before their motor vehicle accident. Call us today and discover the difference AICA’s caring physicians are making in Lovejoy!

Benefits of Having an MRI

Are there benefits to having an MRI following a motor vehicle crash? At AICA we say that there most certainly are! We know all too well that the most common injury sustained in a car accident is damage to a person’s soft tissue. Soft tissue injuries are nearly impossible to diagnose unless MRI technology is being utilized. For this reason AICA offers MRIs to their auto-injury patients! We want to ensure that these victims are receiving the most accurate diagnoses in conjunction with the best chiropractic treatment available.

Lovejoy Car Accident – December 2012

It was Christmas time in Lovejoy, Ga when one car accident effected many travelers. On December 22, 2012 in Lovejoy, GA many motorists were on the roadway traveling to see friends and family, or just hoping to make it on time to their next holiday party. Unfortunately, one Lovejoy car accident created some serious delays for these drivers. The accident occurred around exit 221 of I-75 in the Lovejoy area and caused all lanes of traffic to be at a standstill, reports one Accident In user. There have been no further reports on the status of the drivers involved in this untimely event.

It is likely that no severe injuries resulted from this Lovejoy car accident, the drivers most likely sustained headaches, back pain and whiplash. However, it is important that anyone involved in a car accident remembers to get checked out by a licensed doctor afterwards. Many people do not realize this, but many auto insurance companies dismiss injury claims because there was a lack of treatment. Our doctors at AICA don’t want this to happen to the citizens of Lovejoy. If you were in a Lovejoy car wreck then come to AICA to get your full assessment and full treatment!

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