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AICA is the Lake City chiropractic center that stands out amongst its competition. At AICA we know all too well the pain and confusion that naturally follows after a Lake City motor vehicle accident. Our caring chiropractic doctors strive to provide the most comprehensive and effective treatment plans for our auto-injury patients. In conjunction with chiropractic treatments we also offer orthopedic therapy and physiotherapy. AICA has been the key to the successful treatment of hundreds of Lake City car accident victims, and would love the opportunity to assist you. If you have been involved in a Lake City auto accident then let us help you!

MRIs Benefit Auto Accident Victims

MRIs have become a major benefit to auto accident victims. Did you know that the most common injury sustained in a motor vehicle accident is damage to the soft tissue? The optimal way to diagnose soft tissue injuries is with an MRI. So many car wreck victims go on with life without getting an MRI and without getting the right treatment. Don’t let this be you! If you were in a car crash then get the right diagnosis and get on your way to a full recovery with AICA.

Lake City Car Accident – February 2013

11 Alive reports that one child was left injured after a Lake City car accident. One February afternoon on Kennesaw Rd in the Lake City area a 10 year old child was unexpectedly struck by a vehicle. As of now reports reveal that the child is conscious but has sustained some serious injuries, including a possible broken leg. Sadly, there is still no report of the vehicle that is responsible for this collision being found.

Fortunately, the child involved in this Lake City area accident is expected to survive. Anyone involved in a motor vehicle accident is strongly advised to receive appropriate medical attention following their crash, just as this 10 year old did. Also, after being involved in a car accident it is likely that the victim will need an experienced attorney. Which is why at AICA you can count on not only receiving the best care available, but we can also suggest a lawyer that would be right for your case because we work with the top Lake City car accident attorneys. If you were in a recent wreck then make sure you receive the help you need and call AICA today!

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