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Why are so many turning to AICA after their Hampton car accident? At AICA we have established a precedent of excellence by effectively treating our auto-injury victims. Having successfully treated hundreds of Hampton area auto accident patients, we have the resources and tools necessary to help people succeed in their auto accident recovery. We provide full accident chiropractic, orthopedic, and physiotherapy treatment to injury victims in Hampton. Our car accident doctors know how difficult recovering from a wreck can be which is why they will be with you each step of the way. If you have recently been involved in a motor vehicle crash then call AICA today and see for yourself why we are the trusted choice in Hampton chiropractic care.

How MRI Technology Helps Accident Victims

How can MRI technology help accident victims? If you don’t know the answer to this question then you are not alone. At AICA we have seen so many patients that have been involved in car accidents that never realized how beneficial an MRI could be to them. These patients were unaware that the most common injury in a crash is damage to soft tissues, which can only be diagnosed through an MRI. If you’ve been in a car accident and haven’t had an MRI then you are likely suffering from undiagnosed injuries. Don’t let this be you. Call AICA today and give us the opportunity to help you through your recovery.

Hampton Car Accident – April 2012

A devastating car accident forever impacts Hampton area citizens. 11 Alive reports that 57 year old, Claudia McGahee, struck 11 year old, Conor Burch, with her car as he was attempting to get on his school bus in Hampton, GA. The Hampton child was airlifted to a nearby medical facility, but passed away approximately four hours after the collision as a result of his injuries. McGahee did not report any injuries in this incident and spent several hours at the scene, offering her full cooperation in the matter. An investigation has been underway to establish whether the lights on the bus were functioning properly and the stop arm was fully extended at the time of the crash.

The thoughts and prayers of Hampton residents and many others go out to the family that was deeply impacted by this motor vehicle accident. Car accidents always come so unexpectedly and can result in such a wide range of effects. This Hampton collision was quite possibly the most devastating type of accident that can occur. However, most car accidents are not fatal to the victims, but do result in some injuries. For this reason AICA would like to remind the people of Hampton of the importance of receiving a thorough medical exam following any car crash. Additionally, AICA is also ready to offer suggestions for legal representation in auto injury claims, as we work closely with some of Hampton’s best attorneys. If you were involved in a recent car accident the let us provide you with the help you need following your motor vehicle crash.

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