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If you were recently involved in a Forest Park car accident then the caring physicians at AICA may be just what you’re needing as you work through your recovery process. Most auto-injury recoveries are very taxing on the victim, but at AICA we work hard to provide each patient with the care and attention necessary to alleviate the stresses of their auto accident. We offer a wide variety of treatment options including orthopedic care, chiropractic care, and physiotherapy. If you have been involved in a Forest Park car accident then let us help you! Call and make your appointment today and find out why so many others have chosen AICA for their medical care after being involved in a car wreck.

Advantages of MRI for Auto Injury Victims

There are advantages of receiving an MRI for Forest Park auto injury victims. Did you know the most likely injury to result from a car wreck is to the soft tissue? The preferred way to properly diagnose a soft tissue injury is with an MRI. Too many auto accident victims go to the hospital and are sent away with just an X-ray. Their insurance claim settlements are often much lower than they should be because they did not get properly treated. Don’t be duped out of your settlement! If you’ve been in a Forest Park car accident then you’ll need an MRI to fully diagnose the extent of your injuries.

Forest Park Car Accident – September 2005

11 Alive reports that in September of 2005 an untimely car accident claimed the lives of an innocent Forest Park couple. It was a typical day for Deborah and William Horsley of Forest Park when they had to pull off of the side of the roadway into the emergency lane to change the tire on their Pontiac. As they worked to get their vehicle in working order again an unlicensed driver in a pickup truck ran straight into them. The truck driver’s license had been revoked prior to this incident, and he was charged with a DUI, vehicular homicide and more as a result of this accident. The Forest Park couple was unable to survive this car crash and the truck driver was initially taken to the hospital for observation of his minor injuries, such as back pain and whiplash, but was then later transported to the local jail.

This traumatic accident is not one that will soon be forgotten by the friends and family members of this Forest Park couple. This wreck serves as a sobering reminder that tragedy often strikes without any warning. If you have been involved in a Forest Park accident then make sure you first receive prompt medical attention. Find out what the full extent of your injuries is. AICA’s team has the resources necessary to diagnose and treat auto injury patients. Additionally, at AICA we have worked with some of the best attorneys in the Forest Park area and can make a recommendation of a lawyer that would be best suited for your case. Selecting an attorney is often the second step that has to be taken following a motor vehicle accident, and at AICA we strive to make each step in the recovery process a bit easier. Get the help you need after your Forest Park wreck with AICA!

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