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Have you discovered why AICA is Fayetteville’s premier choice in car accident chiropractic care? At AICA we provide Fayetteville auto-injury patients with the highest standard of care available. We offer chiropractic, orthopedic and physiotherapy treatments to help our patients see a full recovery. Our caring staff and doctors work diligently to come up with individualized treatment plans that will fit the patient. If you were recently involved in a Fayetteville car crash then give AICA that opportunity to take care of you. We would love to help you start enjoying the dom of treatments that work!

Why Get an MRI After a Wreck?

Why get an MRI after a wreck? Many people wouldn’t be exactly sure of why an MRI would be important after an accident, but at AICA we are. At AICA we know that the most common injury sustained in motor vehicle accidents is damage to the soft tissues. We also know that the optimal way to diagnose soft tissue injuries is through the use of MRI technology. We have seen so many patients that have been left wondering why they were still in pain after hearing in the hospital that X-rays revealed no acute problems. These patients are often suffering from untreated soft tissue injuries. If you were involved in a car accident and didn’t get your MRI, then let AICA help you get the diagnosis and treatment you need to make a full recovery.

Fayetteville Car Accident – September 2009

A Fayetteville man is found to be responsible in a fatal crash that took place in September, 2009. Action News 2 reports that Christian Harris, 24, of Fayetteville, GA was evading arrest in a pickup truck when he collided with another vehicle head on. The vehicle struck by the Fayetteville man had a mother and daughter in it, that were headed home from a bible study. The mother and daughter were not able to survive the injuries of this crash. Additionally, the impact of this accident caused the victim’s vehicle to spin around and strike a third vehicle. The driver of the third vehicle sustained non-life threatening injuries, likely back pain, headaches, and whiplash. The Fayetteville man was brought up on several charges, including vehicular homicide.

This police chase of one Fayetteville man ended in a tragic car accident, and serves as a sobering reminder to drive with extreme caution. You never know how devastating the effects of reckless driving will be. In this particular instance the effects of the wreck varied greatly, with some victims unable to survive and others sustaining only minor injuries. For this reason it is important that anyone involved in a motor vehicle accident receives a thorough medical exam afterwards. It is crucial that auto accident victims receive proper diagnoses and proper treatment of their injuries. In fact, many insurance companies dismiss auto-injury claims because of a lack of treatment. If you were in a Fayetteville accident then make sure you get your full settlement, and full treatment. Call AICA today and find out how we can help you!

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