AICA Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Accident Injury Centers of Atlanta?– We are a large group of medical doctors, chiropractors and various medical providers working together to provide our patients the best today’s healthcare has to offer. With our multiple locations throughout Metro Atlanta, we are located conveniently to everyone.

What if I need transportation to your office to see the doctor? – Transportation is available. Simply call our office and one of our patient coordinators and will arrange transportation to and from our office.

How are your doctors different?– Our team of doctors is highly trained in the evaluation, diagnosis, and proper treatment of musculoskeletal injuries that often result after an accident. They are consistently successful treating patients that have accident-related injuries. Additionally, our doctors only treat patients that can benefit from their care.

They will design a specific care plan that will allow for the maximum results in the least amount of time. Your injuries will be accurately documented to ensure that you have everything you or your attorney will need to get the best settlement possible.

I went to the hospital after the accident and they told me I was O.K. Why should I come get my injuries evaluated by one of your doctors? – In most cases when someone goes to the hospital after an accident they receive a brief exam by the doctor, have X-rays taken, a prescription for one or more medications is usually given. They are told to go home and they should be O.K. Many times they are still in pain and are injured and do not even know it.

Most patients are never even shown their X-Rays or have had them explained. They’ve never seen them compared side by side to that of a normal, non-injured patient. There is also a good chance that their doctor did not tell them about the long-term degenerative changes, such as arthritis that can occur if an injury does not receive the proper rehabilitative care.

Our doctors take the time, one-on-one to thoroughly evaluate, explain and treat your injuries to minimize the risk for long-term problems.

At Accident Injury Centers of Atlanta, we won’t just tell you what’s wrong—we’ll show you.

We offer a X-Ray and Consultation to document your injuries and to develop your custom care plan. Call us today.

What if I don’t have any money to pay for my care? – No Problem! If you were injured you may be entitled to full care at no cost to you.

– We offer all patients a X-Ray and Consultation to document injuries.

– Our patient coordinators are well trained to determine the level of benefits as well as payment options available to you. They will thoroughly explain you options so that YOU may make an educated decision about YOUR healthcare.

– We are extremely proud of the fact that we have never turned away a patient who needed our care and was truly unable to pay. We are a family owned business and we treat our patients like family.

How do I make an appointment to be seen by a doctor?
Simply call our office. We are on call 24/7. CALL 678-433-1515 DOCTORS are ON CALL 24/7 and are available to speak with you NOW regarding your injury.

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