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Could AICA be the answer to your problems? If you are a recent Ellenwood car accident victim then AICA has what you need. At AICA we provide our auto injury patients with the highest quality care, and we utilize chiropractic, orthopedic, and physiotherapy treatments. You can trust us to work with you through each step of your Ellenwood auto accident recovery. Having successfully treated hundreds of Ellenwood motor vehicle accident victims, we are the premier choice in car accident chiropractic care. Call us today and find out why so many others have chosen to trust AICA with their recovery.

Do You Need an MRI After Your Wreck?

Are you in need of an MRI after your car accident? You may be surprised to hear that the answer to this question is most likely “Yes”! Following any motor vehicle crash a common injury is damage to the soft tissue. Did you know that the best way to diagnose a soft tissue injury is with an MRI? An X-ray is not enough to get this job done. If you haven’t had an MRI following your accident then you may be missing out on some crucial aspects of treatment. At AICA we offer MRI technology and we are dedicated to accurately and effectively treating all of our auto-injury patients.

Ellenwood Car Accident – October 2004

Action News 2 reports that one Ellenwood man was responsible for a 3-vehicle accident that resulted in the death of one unsuspecting man. Maurice Dorfeuille, 56, of Ellenwood, GA was changing lanes in his Lincoln Town Car when he collided with a Jeep Cherokee. The Jeep Cherokee then rear-ended a tractor trailer, which crashed into a concrete median. After crashing into the median, the cab of the tractor trailer burst into flames, trapping it’s driver inside. Sadly, driver of this tractor trailer was declared dead at the scene. The Ellenwood man and the driver of the Cherokee reportedly suffered minor injuries from this devastating car accident – likely headaches, whiplash, back pain and stiffness.

While the driver of the tractor trailer tragically died, it is fortunate that the Ellenwood man and the driver of the Jeep were not more seriously injured. This incident serves as an excellent reminder of the importance of receiving a thorough exam by a licensed medical professional following any car accident. At AICA we have all the resources necessary to treat Ellenwood auto accident victims. Additionally, we understand that many car wreck victims may need legal assistance following a crash, which is why we work with the top attorneys in the Ellenwood area, and are happy to make appropriate suggestions for our patients. If you’ve experienced an Ellenwood motor vehicle accident then let AICA provide you with the help you’ll need.

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