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Accident Chiro in Conley, GA

Have you heard about AICA and how their car accident doctors are serving Conley? AICA is excited to be offering care to Conley auto accident victims! At AICA we provide comprehensive chiropractic, orthopedic, and physiotherapy treatments to our auto-injury patients. We are thrilled to be transforming lives and seeing Conley citizens get back on their feet after their involvement in a motor vehicle accident. If you have been in a recent Conley car wreck then let our caring, licensed professionals help put your accident behind you and get you back to living life again!

MRI Technology for Car Accident Victims

MRI technology has become very beneficial for car accident victims! At AICA we utilize MRIs because we know that is the best way to assess whether there is a presence of soft tissue damage. Did you know that following a car accident the most likely injury is damage to soft tissue? There are so many people leaving hospitals after motor vehicle collisions having only received X-rays and other standard exams. These people have no idea that they actually have soft tissue injuries, injuries which are unfortunately left untreated. If you have been in a car accident then make sure you receive an accurate diagnosis of all of your injuries and let AICA help you with your recovery.

Conley Car Accident – November 2011

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that in November of 2011 a Conley car accident resulted in fatalities for one innocent man. Traci Luckey, 25, was driving down Moreland Ave. in Conley, GA when her Chrysler Sebring struck and killed Erron Butler. The driver of the Sebring fled the scene without calling for assistance, and later lied to police about her involvement. She has been charged with vehicular homicide, hit-and-run, and lying to police. Luckey reported no injuries in this Conley collision.

This Conley car accident was tragically unfortunate for so many reasons. It is so important that all Conley drivers use caution on the roadways. Additionally, if you are involved in a motor vehicle accident as a Conley citizen then make sure to get checked out by an experienced, trustworthy doctor after your wreck. An experienced physician will be able to properly diagnose and treat the injuries of a car crash, even the ones that a victim may be unaware of. At AICA we want all Conley car accident victims to get the treatment they deserve, call us today and let us start helping you!

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