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You’ve only got one place to call when you’ve been in an accident. AICA’s Kennesaw Chiropractic Clinic offers the benefit of being treated by a full staff of Medical, Chiropractic Doctors and Physical Therapists. We also have specialists in Neurology, Orthopedics and Pain Management who are able to get you care that will bring real improvement in your life. Together, with our sister metro AICA Injury Clinics, we have treated over 25,000 patients throughout the last 10 years. We look forward to helping you work toward a full and complete recovery. We offer qualified patients with a X-ray, if medically necessary, which can help bring you the data we need to advise and deliver the best level of treatment for your case.

A Multidisciplinary Approach To Treatment

Our Kennesaw clinic offers a unique approach to Injury Treatment. Normally, at a single discipline medical practice, you can only receive the single treatment option provided. Our multidisciplinary approach offers you the most appropriate and effective treatment for your specific injuries, something you can’t find at a single typical clinic. We have:

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Our location has access to an MRI machine – the prime diagnostic imaging tool – that can detect the hard-to-find soft tissue injuries that are commonly missed by a standard X-ray machine. Access to an MRI machine and our multidisciplinary approach to your treatment ensures that you can’t find more comprehensive injury treatment in Kennesaw. We don’t just tell you about your injuries, we show them to you!


As a multi-disciplinary medical practice, we’re able to treat a wide spectrum of accident injuries.

Our Neurologists and Physical Therapists partner with our Chiropractors to treat more severe injuries and symptoms. We’ve treated thousands of injuries including trauma caused from serious impacts.

Neck Injury

The cervical spine, also known as your neck, is one of the easiest spots to hurt in an accident. Its bones are smaller than the rest of the spine, and it’s exposed to injury as the moving fulcrum between the head and the collarbone. Whiplash is the most common ailment after a crash, and it needs treatment like any other serious injury.

Back Injury

An injured lower back is common as well after an accident, and there are a variety of therapies and treatments that we can administer, which are designed to bring back the full range of motion and help minimize pain. People are often surprised at the level of help they can get with us after they’ve been in accident. All it takes to find out what we can do for you is a call – we’ll do the rest. If you have questions about specific therapies and treatment methods, we can answer your queries and adjust our care to fit your situation. The only mistake you can make is not to call, and put off the help you have coming to you.

When You’ve Been Injured

If you were injured at no fault of your own, you may be entitled to a cash settlement that will cover your lost wages, medical bills, and general pain and suffering. Hiring an accident lawyer to represent you may be in your best interest. However, always call the doctor first. The reason is because insurance companies want to see that you received follow-up care with a doctor – even after being released from the emergency room. We will document all of your injuries, which is the first step in moving forward with your injury claim. Don’t jeopardize your ability to receive a fair settlement by delaying your follow-up treatment.

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It’s so easy, we want to take all of the stress away. So we even offer transportation to victims who are unable to drive themselves to our clinic due to their injuries.

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AICA Ortho & Spine strives to be a trusted resource for all patients experiencing pain and/or injury. Our multi-specialty approach combines a variety of disciplines and allows them to perform in a single clinic providing patients with the most complete diagnosis and treatment available. In addition, AICA Ortho & Spine is pleased to accommodate third party billing and most major health insurances for your convenience. The bilingual staff of AICA Ortho & Spine is eager to accept new patients. Same week appointments are available as well as transportation for those in need.

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